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Arkwin Industries designs, tests, manufactures, and supports precision hydraulic and fuel system components for civil and military fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, spacecraft, turbine engines, and other special applications. 

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ARKWIN INDUSTRIES has been designing and manufacturing engine actuators for over 60 years for operation with fuel, engine oil and hydraulic oil pressurization. Their actuators are used on numerous civil, military, and industrial applications to provide actuation force to direct engine control components. They differ from conventional hydraulic actuators, a major difference being the incorporation of the fire resistance features necessary to meet engine safety requirements. Engine actuators are frequently exposed to elevated temperature during normal operation. If extended periods of flame resistance are required, protective coatings can be applied to the actuator housings including the use of intumescence or ablative coatings. Where temperature permits, ARKWIN uses aluminum alloys. For higher operating  temperatures or pressure requirements exceeding the allowables of aluminum alloy, stainless PH steel alloys or titanium alloys can be provided. Two stage sealing is common for both static and dynamic seals. Specifically selected seal compounds allow zero external leakage, long durability life, high temperature resistance, while providing protection in fire. 

ARKWIN’s  engine actuators feature a high side load tolerance to ensure long piston life, high resistant wear plating, high reliability/low maintenance and fire resistance. Their key design characteristics include:

• Fuel and petroleum based operating fluids

• Operating pressures up to 4,000 psig

• Position feedback of the actuators is provided by integral or externally mounted LVDT’s.

• Multiple mounting options

• Servo valve applications (Control of actuators through external pressurization valving or through an integral electro hydraulic servo valve).

• Master/Slave configurations

ARKWIN’s  engine actuators are offered for different platforms including:

CFM International CFM56-2/-3, CFM56-5/-7

General Electric CF34-3, CF34-8C/E, CF6, F110, F404,  F414, LM2500, LM6000, TF34

ARKWIN EXCHANGE PROGRAM: ARKWIN’s commercial and industrial gas turbine engine actuator exchange program was developed for the CFM56-5/7, CF6-80C2, CF6-80E1, CF34-8C/E, LM2500, and LM6000 engines.  The program provides operators the reliability of OEM NEW products at competitive prices. Qualifying actuators are exchanged in a very short time for FACTORY NEW OEM production units complete with FACTORY NEW OEM and a three-year/6000 EOH warranty. For additional information please consult the supplied documentation or contact us.