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BERINGER AERO manufactures wheels and brakes for a wide range of aircraft from ultralight airplanes to certified aircraft as Pilatus PC-6, Cirrus SR22 and Vision Jet, Piper PA46/28 and Diamond DA42.

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BERINGER Non Certified 5"...

BERINGER AERO 5" diameter standard wheel/brake assemblies are intended for use in LSAs, experimental aircraft and gliders. They are offered in 4.00" (RF-020) and 5.00" widths  (RF-019).

Product Features:

Single brake caliper with Aerotec® patent : stainless steel piston - sintered pads

Stainless steel floating disc

Tires available : different options (not included, sold separately). Please refer to the supplied Tire-Wheel Correspondence Table.

Aluminum or steel axle : different options (not included, sold separately). Please refer to the separate product presentation on BERINGER AERO wheel axles and hardware.

Additional option(s) : wheel cap BCH-002

For more information please refer to the supplied documentation or contact us.

BERINGER Wheel Axles &...

BERINGER manufactures axles and hardware for use in their offered wheels.  BERINGER wheel axles are made of high grade aeronautical aluminum, red anodized or made of steel, nickel coated. Different types of axles are available:

• fork mounting : the axle is fitted both sides (for nose wheels)

• cantilever mounting : the axle is fixed on one side only (often used in main wheels)

BERINGER axles for main wheels are tapered for strength optimization : the offset is reduced and the two ball bearings have different sizes. Axles are FEM calculated for optimized weight and stress distribution.

The calipers are delivered fixed to the axles, in accordance with the drilling. Axle nuts and spacers, sold separately are also offered as part of BERINGER product portfolio. Some axles are mounted with spacers, other are not. 

For additional information please refer to the supplied tables providing:

- the axle list with dimensions, strength and weight

- the correspondance axles/wheels according to the diameters of the wheel ball bearings

- the available hole patterns 

BERINGER Wheel Brake Parts...

BERINGER manufactures different brake parts for use in their offered wheels. Such parts include brake calipers, discs and pads.

BERINGER Brake Calipers/Discs are covered by the AEROTEC® patents.

Brake Calipers:

• Body made of aerospace alloy to withstand high temperatures (>200Mpa at 200°C)

• Sintered metallic pads bonded on a backplate (not riveted)

• 2 or 3 stainless steel polished pistons

• Available for DOT4 fluid OR for MINERAL (MIL FLUID) (seals are different- specify and never mix)

• 2 inlets/outlets, thread size M10x1 (for brake fluid)

Brake Discs:

• Made of highest quality material for thermal stability and long life 

• Stainless steel discs or high strength steel discs with coating

Brake Pads:

Different brake pads are also offered as part of BERINGER product portfolio. 

Please refer to the supplied table for information on the P/Ns and quantities of discs and pads per braking caliper.


An antiskid brake system in aircraft ensures that the tires will not wear excessively or burst while braking by reducing the brake pressure when the wheel is locked, thereby ensuring the safety of aircraft take-off and landing. Many accidents are caused by a bad braking handling. Antiskid brake systems improve the control and dosage of the brakes and still allow differential braking while the pressure remains below the setpoint.

BERINGER manufactures ALIR adjustable anti-lock pressure regulators for differential or symmetrical braking for use in their offered wheel systems. They are included in most of the BERINGER Kits. The regulator is integrated in the differential circuit providing a double advantage:

• Anti-lock : the regulator sets a maximal pressure in the system before the wheels lock up (or before a nose over for taildraggers)

• In line braking : once the setpoint is reached, the pressure between left and right hand is balanced, with a tolerance of +/- 1bar or 14.5psi to allow steering corrections

The regulator prevents the wheel lock up at landing and the nose over for taildraggers, in case of overpressure on the brake pedals. Therefore it reduces the stopping distances. ALIR regulators are adjustable from 10 to 40 bar (or from 20 to 50 bar) and available for DOT4 or Minéral (MIL) brake fluids. Brake fluid should never be mixed as seals are different. Dual regulators are mounted in a differential braking circuit (each braker master cylinder actuates one wheel). Single regulator are mounted in a symmetrical braking circuit (one master cylinder actuates both wheels). 

ALIR Product Features:

• 2x inlets, 2x outlets ( M10x1)

• Precise adjustment with low hysteresis

• CNC machined from billet aluminum

• Red anodized

Please refer to the supplied table for information on the P/Ns and suitable brake fluid for each regulator.