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ELCO CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS (ELCO) provides a broad range of quality fasteners and value-added services designed to speed construction, improve building integrity and ensure performance under demanding conditions.

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Blind rivets, also called "pop rivets", can be used when access to through-bolt isn’t possible. AVDEL® N (*) protruding head nail rivets by ELCO CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS are suitable for metal to metal applications.Their body/mandrel is made from different materials: Aluminum/Aluminum, Steel/Steel, Aluminum/Steel or Stainless Steel/Stainless Steel. Aluminum and  18-8 Stainless Steel rivets for high strength and corrosion resistance, are widely used for marine applications such  as non-critical equipment installations on masts, radar towers and other structures with limited or no access to secure washers and nuts. They are ideal for installing deck lights, bimini frame brackets and much more. Rivets are available in a range of diameters and gripping lengths to match the needs of a variety of projects. Installation requires special tool with appropriate die to match mandrel diameter. Contact of dissimilar metals, like for example use of stainless steel rivets to install hardware on to the aluminum spars of a sailboat, should be avoided to guard against galvanic corrosion occurence. If the superior strength of stainless steel rivets is not required, the use of aluminum blind rivets should be considered for non-critical installations. Aluminum rivets can also be used below the waterline together with marine epoxy or Gluvit sealant for waterproofness. AVDEL® N rivets are sold in convenient packs. The number of pieces per pack is specified after the letters "PK" in the product reference number (SKU).

AVDEL® N Rivet Features:

•High quality with low in-place cost

•Vibration resistant


•Long grip ranges

•High pull out and shear strengths

•Work with all hand and battery powered riveters

•Conveniently packaged

•Custom painting

AVDEL® N Rivet Specifications:

•Diameters: 1/8", 5/32" and 3/16"

•Lengths: .275" to .980"

•Grip ranges: .020" to .750"

•Body/Mandrel material: Aluminum/Aluminum, Steel/Steel, Aluminum/Steel, Stainless/Stainless

Installation Tools: ELCO CONSTRUCTION G-28 Hand riveter for 1/8” and 3/16” diameter rivets. Use 728A9-104 additional nose piece for 5/32” diameter rivets.

(*) AVDEL® is a STANLEY® Engineered Fastening brand. 

For more information, please refer to the supplied documentation or contact us.