CHALLENGER AVIATION PRODUCTS, INC. manufactures high quality FAA/PMA air filters using K & N filter media for application in many popular aircraft. 

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CHALLENGER AVIATION PRODUCTS, Inc. manufactures high quality oil-impregnated, surgical cotton gauze-based aircraft air filters under FAA/PMA certification using K & N filter media. K&N Performance Filters have been well known in the automotive world for years, unsurpassed in airflow and filtering capability they are now one of the most used filters on the road today. Made of a woven cotton fabric instead of paper, the K&N filter medium offers superior filtering without the restriction of airflow presented with paper or foam filters. Fabric allows 50% more air to pass than paper, and almost 60% more than foam. This translates into more horsepower and improved fuel economy.

Based on K&N technology CHALENGER filters have been certified for most general aviation aircraft. Their pleated cotton/wire mesh filters are far less prone to being clogged than synthetic media or paper, and tests done by Challenger (at approximately 240 CFM air flow) show K&N filters typically flow 6.03 CFM as compared to 4.95 for the average pleated paper element and 4.93 CFM for the oil-coated foam variety.

CHALLENGER air filters can be used as replacement parts to other OEM products but an STC (available by CHALLENGER) is required. Air filters come with an application chart, instructions, warranty card and a STC request form which needs to be  filled out for approval for the specific aircraft. The filters comes with a gasket, but do not include the grease which is sold separately, unless otherwise stated.

Product Features:

Can be washed & serviced up to 25 times

Increase horse power 2-4%

Fire Retardant

Save money & improve efficiency

FAA-PMA approved

Ecologically sound

Better take-off and climb-out performance

Faster airspeed and/or better fuel consumption

Accordion fold design provides up to 5 times filtering surface of non-pleated designs

Please refer to the attached documentation on the application of CHALLENGER filters in different aircraft/models.