List of products by brand DONALDSON INDUSTRIES (DONALDSON)

DONALDSON INDUSTRIES (DONALDSON) has been the OEM source for Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, and Maule & Mooney since the 1960's. The company currently supplies filters to TEXTRON AVIATION Cessna for all of their SE piston aircraft filters, Beech Bonanza & Baron, Mooney & Maul. In addition, DONALDSON supplies filters to Piper for all of their turbo charged aircraft.

Active filters


DONALDSON is a leading world-wide filter supplier for commercial jets, military vehicles, off-road equipment, trucks, light-duty vehicles, power plants, dust collectors, industrial compressors and more.The company is the OEM for  FAA-PMA air filters installed in Cessna (all SE piston models), Piper (turbo charged aircraft), Beechcraft,  Maule & Mooney aircraft delivering consistent and reliable performance.

Product Features:

Selection: Over 75 filter models for Cessna, Beech, Maule, Mooney, Piper and other aircraft.

Easy Installation & Maintainance: No removable parts or oil, may be washed with water.

Better Airflow:  In laboratory airflow tests comparing Donaldson, Bracket and Challenger Aviation (K&N) filters for Cessna 172 aircraft, Donaldson had the lowest restriction (best airflow). The reasons for this include:

• Filter media is composed of synthetic fibers

• Evenly distributed uniform size and shape media fibers

• More media area and less frame

• Deeper filter pleats

• No oil

Stop more dirt and protect the engine better: They achieve 98.5% or greater filtration efficiency according to ISO5011 fine and coarse dust requirements, greatly exceeding the other filters. 

Long Lasting: rated to last 500 hours, five to 10 times longer than foam filters. Replacement after three years, five cleanings or 500 flight hours, whichever occurs first.

OEM and FAA-PMA Certified: Designed to manufacturer specifications, Donaldson filters don not require STCs .

Thoroughly Tested: Third party lab tests show Donaldson filters meet or exceed FAA fire safety regulation per FAR 25.853 and FAR 23.1107 Induction system filters.

Please refer to the attached documentation on the application of DONALDSON filters in different aircraft/models.