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Manufacturer of navigational devices, variometers, collision avoidance displays and other gliding accessories.

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The LXNAV G–Meter  (accelerometer) is a standalone unit, designed to measure, indicate and log g–forces. The unit is offered in 57 mm or 80 mm diameters for installation into the aircraft instrument panel. It comes in two versions, standard and with flight recorder (FR).

The LXNAV G–Meter has an integrated high precision digital pressure sensor and inertial system. The sensors are sampled more than 100 times per second. Real Time Data is displayed on a QVGA 320x240 pixel 2.5″ high brightness color display. To adjust values and settings the LXNAV g–meter has three push buttons with fixed functions. The top button is ESC (CANCEL), the middle is to switch between modes and the lower button is the ENTER (OK) button.

The unit's inertial platform integrates a  ±8g accelerometer. Device is showing current g–load in navbox/needle and it’s min-max values in bar. Last flight min/max load navboxes are persistent till next flight. Min/Max limits with Warning zones can be defined.

Real Time Data is displayed on a QVGA 320×240 pixel 2.5-inch high brightness color display.

The Logbook menu displays the list of flights. If the RTC time is set properly the take-off and landing time shown will be correct. Each flight item consists of the maximum positive g–load, the maximum negative g–load from the flight and the maximum IAS. This function is available only with “FR” version.

Product Features:

• An extremely bright 2.5″ QVGA color display readable in all sunlight conditions with the ability to adjust the backlight.

• Three push buttons are used for input.

• RS232 input/output.

• Micro SD card

• 320x240 pixels color screen for additional information such as minimum and maximum g–force

• Built in RTC (Real time clock)

• Logbook

• 100Hz sampling rate for very fast response.

• Power supply cable included