List of products by brand MINERAL WAX PLANT JSC (BELWAX)

Producer of auxiliary petrochemical products, lubricating and cooling technological materials and grease lubricants (paraffin, model compounds, paraffin emulsions and protective waxes).

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MINERAL WAX PLANT BELWAX range of lubricants includes products for special uses outlined below:

LITOL-24 grease designed for application in friction units of wheel and tracked (crawler-type) vehicles, industrial equipment and seaborne machinery of different purpose, at operating temperatures from -40 °С to +120 °С (for shorter time periods up to 130 °С).

GRAPHITE grease intended for greasing of hard heavily loaded mechanisms (open geared wheels, threaded connections of actuator screws, jacks, spring, etc.). The temperature range of application is from -20°С to +60°С. In springs and similar devices, the grease can be used at a temperature below -20°С.

CIATIM-201 frost resistant grease designed for greasing of low-loaded friction, rolling and sliding units at temperatures from - 60°C to + 90 °C. 

KS-UNM cable lubricant for the protection of cables under conditions of warehouse storage and air storage, as well as in the process of exploitation. The lubricant guarantees protection of cables against corrosion in a climate emulation chamber under adverse conditions, not less than 30 cycles. The lubricant is thermally stable, provides a possibility of its application at a centralized system of preheating of feed to a cable-twisting machine, as well as satisfactory work conditions for maintenance personnel. In the process of application, cable lubricant KS-UNM can be used as an anti-friction agent for lubrication of wiring of steel cables, used as main cables in vertical lifting and slopping installations of rotary machines, balancers, brake units, shock tools, mining tools, parachute systems, fenders, guiding units, suspension units and other excavation equipment. In its consistency the lubricant is moderately viscous, it is applied preheated at stranding, making of cores and cables at the corresponding manufacturing plants.