ALCOA FASTENING SYSTEMS (ALCOA) is one of the largest manufacturers of aerospace hardware in the world. Their product lines encompass everything from standard NAS and MS hardware to specialized panel fasteners like Camloc and Livelock. They also manufacture solid inserts (Keenserts), latches and blind fasteners. ALCOA is now a business unit of  HOWMET AEROSPACE Inc. HOWMET Fastening Systems is the premier designer and manufacturer of aerospace and industrial fasteners, latches, bearings, fluid fittings and installation tools. HOWMET products are used on commercial and military aircraft, as well as on jet engines, industrial gas turbines, automobiles, commercial transportation vehicles, wind turbines, solar power systems, and construction and industrial equipment. Widely known brands now offered by  HOWMET AEROSPACE Inc. include Camloc, Delron, Deutsch, Huck, Kaynar, K-Fast, Linread, Mairoll, Marson, Mecaero, Microdot, North Bridge, RAM, Recoil, Republic, Rosán, Screwcorp, Simmonds, Tridair, Valley-Todeco, Van Petty and Voi-Shan.

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ALCOA FASTENING SYSTEMS (ALCOA), a business unit of  HOWMET AEROSPACE, is one of the largest manufacturers of aerospace hardware in the world. HOWMET AEROSPACE SIMLOC® Metric (*) Anchor Nuts, both fixed and floating, are manufactured from cadmium plated steel alloy unless otherwise specified and offered in standard and miniature versions, different types (e.g. one lug, two lugs) and specifications to meet application requirements. Please refer to individual products and specification data provided or contact us for additional information.

(*) Metric threads are designated by the letter M followed by the nominal major diameter of the thread and the pitch in millimeters. For example M10 x 1.0 indicates that the major diameter of the thread is 10mm and the pitch is 1.0mm.