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Headquartered in Grenoble, France, with 27 manufacturing plants in 25 countries, ARaymond offers innovative fastening and assembly solutions for the automotive, industrial, photovoltaic energy, agriculture and health markets.

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A.RAYMOND/TINNERMAN® Speed (aka sheet metal) nuts are  self-retaining fasteners serving the functions of both a lock washer and a nut for an easy and fast attachment of mating panels. Offered in different types/shapes (e.g. Flat U, J) and styles they can be installed for both blind and front mounting attachments. They are cost saving as they can be simply clipped, latched or pressed into panel location without special tools, removed and used again. 

U-Type Speed Nuts (NAS396 Series), offered in U-Shaped and U-Nut Tapped Barrel styles, are made of spring steel with phosphate-coated with three coats of olive drab paint finish unless otherwise specified. Designed to fit standard AN530-AN531 type B sheet metal screws only. Available in different screw sizes and intended for use in many applications including appliances, panel assemblies, HVAC, automotive, electronics, aerospace, marine, utility vehicles and lighting equipment. Please refer to the attached documentation for additional information.

Product Features: 

Vibration proof,easy installation,no special tools,easily disassembled,reusable,used in place of clinch or weld nuts,correct misaligned mounting holes, no masking or retapping, retain holding power,corrosion proof,won’t freeze on threads.