List of products by brand LENZ INC. (LENZ)

Manufacturer of hydraulic filters, hydraulic tank accessories, pressure gauges & transducers, o-ring seal tube fittings, adapters and hose fittings.

Active filters

LENZ Model DB Tank...

LENZ Model DB desiccant breather filters fall under the company's extensive product portfolio of tank accessories. Made from ABS plastic & impact-modified acrylic LENZ tank breather filters remove corrosive water vapor and they are offered in four standard sizes (3" to 10"). Additional characteristics and features include:

• Operating temp. range: -20˚ F to +200˚ F (-28˚ C to +93˚ C)

• Bi-directional air flow

• Silica gel turns from gold to green when maximum absorption is reached

• Dual filter system with anti-static guard

• Solid contaminant filtration surface area 20.6 in2 (133 cm2)

• Silica gel absorbs up to 40% of its weight in water

• Resistant to alkalis, hydrocarbons, non-oxidizing acids, salt water,and synthetic oils

Available options include:

• Activated charcoal media (consult factory)

• 5 PSI Maximum Operating Pressure

For additional information please refer to product images and the attached documentation.

LENZ Externally Mounted...

LENZ externally-mounted tank hydraulic suction line strainers are offered in different NPT and SAE series (LTF, LTM, LTMA & LTMB) to cover the needs of a range of applications.They do not require access to the tank interior for ease of servicing and feature perforated steel support tubes, cast iron bushings and 100 mesh stainless steel pleated screens as standard.

Part Numbers include subsections for the Series, the Size, the By-pass Option and the Mesh Oprion of the strainer.

Versions with by-pass options are designated by "-R" and PSI number after the size number of the strainer (e.g. -R3 and -R5 for 3 or 5 PSI by-pass options respectively).

Versions with mesh options, other than 100 mesh stainless steel pleated screen, are indicated by "-" and the number of the mesh option (i.e. -30, -60, -200  for 30, 60 or 200 mesh respectively).

For additional information please refer to product images.