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O.S. ENGINES MFGCO. LTD is one of the world leading companies devoted solely to the manufacture of model engines and live steam locomotives.  O.S. engine production history introduced the world's first model rotary engine, and, more recently, the electronic fuel injection system engine ranging from the small displacement .10 engine up to the larger five cylinder radial four-stroke 3.0 engine.

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O.S. ENGINES is a leading manufacturer of single- and multi-cylinder model aircraft engines ranging from the small .10 LA two-stroke to the FF-320 four-stroke "giant-scale" flat four-cylinder and the FR7-420 Sirius7 7-Cylinder Radial Engine "giant-scale" radial. The company manufactures required accessories for their engines including glow plugs, exhausts/mufflers and air filters. O.S. ENGINES has also extended their product range to include engines for model cars and boats while also  producing model steam locomotives. Please refer to the individual product presentations for additional information.