Switchcraft is a major supplier of harsh environment connectivity products to the Industrial market and the premier connectivity provider to the Pro-Audio & Broadcast Industries.In 1999, Switchcraft acquired Conxall, a manufacturer of circular connectors and cable assemblies, in order to expand their offering of harsh environment connectivity products. In 2011, Switchcraft was acquired by HEICO Corporation and became part of their Electronic Technologies Group.

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The SWITCHCRAFT® line of jacks and plugs is ideal for instrumentation and audio connections. They can be used in a variety of applications such as medical equipment, manufacturing data equipment, GPS tracking and data logging systems or security applications.

The product line includes 1/4", .141", .206", 3.5 mm, DC Power, Bantam TT, .101" Micro, Aircraft jacks and plugs and 2.5mm Surface Mount,  MDSMT series jacks.

The SWITCHCRAFT® range of Headphone/Microphone jacks come with nut and washer and feature contact springs are of special alloys for long life, insulation is high dielectric strength phenolic, tinned terminal lugs for easy soldering and short frame. They mount by 3/8-32 threaded bushing and nut. Open circuit until plug inserted. Different jacks are offered including:

SWC-11-JJ-034 MONO Headphone Jack - 2 circuit conductor

SWC-12B STEREO Headphone Jack - 3 circuit conductor 

SWC-S12B -JJ-033 Microphone Jack - 3 circuit conductor