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Concentric AB (formerly Haldex Hydraulics) is the world-leading manufacturer of electro-hydraulic power packs for mobile equipment with the optimum hydraulic pump and control valves to suit specific application requirements. 

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CONCENTRIC HE Series AC/DC power packs allows the selection from a broad range of standard components to design a power system to meet the exact specifications of applications, both vertical and horizontal, with a full range of valving, motor, pump and reservoir combinations and minimum inventory for maximum cost efficiency. Other advantages of the HE power packs includes low power consumption, quiet operation, proven field performance and long service life. Concentric HE2000 Series AC/DC Power HPUs  can be coupled via suitable hydraulic lines to a wide range of operating mechanisms. They normally operate hydraulic cylinders, but can be used with any other hydraulic actuating device. A unit can individually control up to four (4) hydraulic cylinders.

Product Features:

All units have:

12 or 24 VDC motors

Adjustable internal relief valve preset at factory

Load holding check valve

Reservoirs plumbed for horizontal / vertical mount

Various size cylindrical/rectangular reservoirs

9/16˝-18 SAE outlet and return ports (P/N 1303835 1/4˝-18 NPTF ports)

140 x 170 mesh inlet strainer

Please refer to the attached documentation for specifications & additional information.