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JEPPESEN NavData Service...

Used by airlines, corporate flight departments, and almost every major avionics manufacturer in the world, Jeppesen NavData offers the most complete and accurate aeronautical information available with worldwide coverage and access to more than 7,000 airports (a database three times the size of any other provider). Additional obstacle and terrain data, and customizable data services for many different platforms and manufacturers.

NavData provides vital knowledge of airport features, runway characteristics, communications information, waypoint features, SIDs, STARs, terminal approach procedure information, VORs, NDBs and a comprehensive set of boundaries for controlled/restricted airspace. Updating and management of your avionics data is easy with included Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM), a free software program. Jeppesen NavData Annual Subscription Service is available for avionics of various manufacturers in both  WAAS and NON-WAAS versions with downloaded  updates every 28 days and different coverage areas around the world to select. Please refer to the offered listed services for various manufacturers, models, database versions and coverage areas.

JEPPESEN Terrain and...

Jeppesen Terrain and Obstacle Data Services include Terrain Data and Obstacle Data which have been  used for instrument procedure design and evaluation of obstacle restrictions on or near aerodromes and heliports. 

The Jeppesen Terrain Database provides the latest generation of terrain data for prevention of controlled flight into terrain and terrain avoidance warning systems to be used by pilots, dispatch, and other flight operations planners. It was developed to provide a consistent terrain model for use in current TAWS and future applications, including 2D moving maps, vertical situation displays, and synthetic vision systems. 

Jeppesen Obstacles Database is the world’s most complete database of obstacles relevant to aviation containing man-made and certain natural obstacles extracted from digital and paper (graphic and tabular) sources provided by governmental civil aviation authorities and military agencies worldwide.

Jeppesen supplies terrain and obstacle data for the selected geographic area under a data license agreement for a specified period of mutual commitment. 

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