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MILSPEC C-Spec 4000 Series...

C-Spec 4000 series grommets (Camloc® compatible) from MILSPEC PRODUCTS form part of C-Spec 4000 Series Quick Release Fastening System. There are two basic types of grommets for the 4000 series C-Spec fasteners and they go though the outer panel only. Snap Ring retained grommets are the most common, least expensive, are reusable and have many size and style options. They will protrude slightly from the back side of the outer panel. This protrusion of the grommet is absorbed by the inner panel, support structure, receptacle or a combination of these. Therefore, no gap will exist between panels. Using a grommet that is too long may result in it jamming into the receptacle. Flare retained grommets are permanently crimped into the outer panel with MILSPEC specific tooling. They are recommended for panels subject to severe vibration, are not reusable and somewhat limited in configurations and materials. 

C-Spec 4000 series grommets come in various lengths and styles (flush, low profile, large flange etc). Additional lengths & finishes are available upon request (minimum order quantities may apply).

MILSPEC C-Spec 4000 Series...

C-Spec 4000 series  (Camloc® compatible)  heavy duty stud assemblies from MILSPEC PRODUCTS form part of C-Spec 4000 Series Quick Release Fastening System which also includes grommets, retainers, and receptacles with many options for each of these components for best results in existing and new applications. C-Spec 4000 stud  assemblies are available in several head styles and materials. They consist of a stud blank, cup, spring and cross pin and are installed in the 4000 series grommets by using MILSPEC pliers part number MS-4P3. The cross pins should never be removed for installation as this ruins the integrity of the stud. Information on grommets, retainers, and receptacles are provided on each component's page.

Note: The most important decision to make is to use a Fixed Depth receptacle or Adjustable Depth receptacle as this greatly affects the stud selection process (see reference table).

MILSPEC C-Spec 4000 Series...

C-Spec 4000 series grommets (Camloc® compatible) from MILSPEC PRODUCTS form part of C-Spec 4000 Series Quick Release Fastening System. Grommet retainers are simple snap rings that keep the grommet and the fastener in the panel when unlocked. Various styles are available, primarily in stainless steel. The R4GS retainer is recommended for most applications. A high shear retainer (P/N R4T) is also available. It is slightly thicker and retains the grommet more tightly to the outer panel. Large area retainers and re-enforcement washers are for worn or oversized holes. Retaining rings require specific tooling for installation. 

MILSPEC Z-Spec Stud (Dzus®...

Z-Spec fastening system from MILSPEC PRODUCTS is Dzus® compatible and includes at least 2 parts to make up the system, a stud and a "S" spring receptacle with optional additional parts like grommets, retainers, weld tabs and ancillaries depending on how you want the assembly to perform. Z-Spec studs are retained in the panel when unlocked through a grommet or snap ring. They come in different series (including the popular AJ and FJ series) with slotted or Phillips heads in steel zinc plated with a clear chromate finish to prevent corrosion or in stainless steel passivated after machining as per AMS2700 to prevent corrosion. Steel studs  are silver in color and RoHS compliant. Stainless studs have a bright, shiny finish. Information on other parts are provided on each component's page.

Note: For new applications it is recommended that you first, determine which series (diameter) and spring receptacle you wish to use, then select the grommet or retainer (if required), then stud length (dash number) for the Total Material Thickness (TMT) and finally, select a stud style and material.