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Gates is the world-leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive products providing a complete line of belt drive system, cooling system, fuel system and air system products for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks, buses and tractors.

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GATES FLEXCORD PLUS Series lightweight straight coolant hoses have been designed to withstand today's severe conditions in automotive applications. They feature EPDM tube with Aramid reinforcement and EPDM cover.  Engineered to resist electrochemical degradation, the leading cause of hose failure they are very flexible hoses with a strong body to absorb vibrations and shock while their tubes and covers resist heat, ozone and coolant additives. Comply with SAE 20R4 class D2 and DIN 73411 class B1 norms. 

GATES Type  4272 Flexcord Plus professional cooling water / heating hoses are offered in inner diameters 8-50mm and sold in pieces with a maximum length of 1 meter per piece.  Appearing prices are per piece of one meter each. For additional information please refer to the attached documentation.