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ATS 3882 Series Cylinder...

The new 3882 series Cylinder Base Nut wrenches by AIRCRAFT TOOL SUPPLY COMPANY (ATS) are made from forged alloy steel, tempered, and hardened for maximum strength. They also have an industrial chrome plating to improve surface wear, and protect against rust and corrosion. Their thin-wall construction guarantees they will fit nuts close to the cylinder casing without grinding down the wrench's outer diameter. And with a 15" span, they clear even the tallest cylinders. The new 3882 cylinder base wrenches replacing ATS 2882 series address just about every concern of the previous 2882 series, while including several enhancements for work easier while carrying the ATS Pro lifetime warranty. The set includes 4 wrenches in Hex Sizes: 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", and 3/4" suitable for all Continental, most Lycoming, and many other types of aircraft engines.

ATS 7500 Aviation Piston...

ATS 7500 Aviation Piston Ring Compressor features a quick-change design to speed up piston ring installation. It includes HASTINGS Ring-O-Matic® pliers and bands that operate in all positions: not just vertically or horizontally. The pliers incorporates a precision locking action for exact holding and release of piston ring bands. The complete kit includes the Ring-O-Matic® pliers and one of each of the following size bands: 4-1/8" to 4-1/2", 4-1/2" to 4-3/4", 4-3/4" to 5", 5" to 5-1/4", and 5-1/4" to 5-1/2", 5-1/2" to 5-3/4". Shipping weight: 3 lbs (1.5Kg).

AVERY TOOLS Rivet Gauges...

AVERY TOOLS (*) manufactures and supplies gauges for shop rivet heads and rivet lengths.

AVERY TOOLS rivet head gauges are offered as a set of four gauges for -3, -4, -5, & -6 rivets. Each gauge measures MINIMUM height and MINIMUM diameter of shop heads AFTER setting. Eliminates guessing if your rivets are properly set. Works for measuring both universal head and flush rivets. Precision machined to size from 2024 aluminum. Rivet size permanently stamped on each gauge. Color coded anodized finish.

A rivet length gauge is also available to check for proper length of rivets BEFORE setting and can be ordered separately or as kit with the head gauges. 

(*) AVERY TOOLS aviation tools and products are now available only through retail suppliers.

ATS Rivet Gauges SKU:...

Economy models of gauges for shop rivet heads and rivet lengths are available from ATS.

ATS rivet head gauges are offered as a set of four gauges for -3, -4, -5, & -6 rivets. Each gauge measures MINIMUM height and MINIMUM diameter of shop heads AFTER setting. Works for measuring both universal head and flush rivets. Color coded anodized finish.

ATS rivet length gauge measures -3, -4, -5 & -6 rivets. Used to check length of rivets BEFORE setting. Works with universal and flush head rivets.

The set of rivet head gauges and the length gauge can be ordered as kit or separately.

ATS 420DX Heavy Duty Spark...

A complete spark plug gapping solution for field or bench use by AIRCRAFT TOOL SUPPLY COMPANY (ATS). Includes the Heavy Duty Spark Plug Gapping Tool to accurately set your spark plug gaps to within 0.001". Also included is an Electrode Erosion Gauge to make sure that your gapped plugs are still in serviceable condition.You also get a set of wire feeler gauges to verify gap size. In case of an accidental over-gap of the plug, the included Gap Expansion Tool will get you back on track. Compatible with all Champion, and AutoLite Massive Electrode Spark Plugs. The complete kit includes:

1 X Gapping Tool

1 X Feeler Gauge

1 X Erosion Gauge

1 X Gap Expansion Tool

ATS 707X Series Hand...

ATS 707X series dimpling pliers are produced from sturdy vise grip(r) pliers which allow you clamping down with over 3,500 lbs. of force. They use standard dimple die with .187" shank. 1" reach. One pair of pliers and three additional sets of dies for use with 707X series pliers can be ordered separately to have four tools in one. Available in different dimple sizes in inches.

ATS Pro-X Series Rivet Guns...

ATS Pro-X rivet guns offer unmatched controllability when setting rivets of any type or size. They are used in aircraft manufacturing plants such as Boeing and Lockheed-Martin. With the improved variable power control, proper riveting can be accomplished with confidence.  Different models serve specification requirements (see attached table). 1/8" Aluminum (3/32" Steel) Rivet Capacity. These guns accept all .401 shank rivet sets and attachments. Non-slip Powder Coat Finish. 1/4" NPT Inlet. Lifetime ATS-Pro Warranty.