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Supplier of DC converters, GPS docking stations, filters, ducting, inverters, LED, sensors and other products.

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The Cyclone-21 is a compact (3 x 3 x 1") FAA-PMA approved aircraft electronics cooling fan that delivers 21 cubic feet per minute of forced air cooling to a variety of avionics equipment being the top FAA approved avionics blower for 14/28 volt aircraft with the smallest footprint and the highest output but also the number one choice for OEM and aftermarket sales world-wide for many make and model aircraft and rotor-craft.


Lone Star Aviation's new FAA-PMA approved Cyclone 1 port blower is the smallest (1 x 2 x2 ), most efficient (brushless dc motor), and the most versatile cooling fan for avionics and or other electronics needing thermal cooling. Its universal mounting bracket makes it easy to set-up and install on on many make and model aircraft and or rotor-craft.  Also installed in Land-Mobile, Marine and Military Vehicles for many PED, radio, GPS applications. Multiple fans and blowers are available from Lone Star for many OEM applications.