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Attwood SAHARA Automatic bilge pumps are self-contained in one compact yet durable low profile bilge pumping package, including pump, wire seals, strainer and mercury-free switch. Attwood Sahara pumps can be installed quickly and easily in tight spaces and they are designed for ultimate durability, with stainless steel shafts plus caulked and tinned wiring. Water flows around the pump chamber and absorbs motor heat to increase pump efficiency and service life. The high efficiency motor uses best-quality bearings and state-of-the-art brushes, alloys and magnets. The internal float switch is simple and reliable and is mercury free. They are covered with 3-Year Warranty.

SAHARA Series bilge pumps come in 3 models depending on their GPH capacity.

SAHARA S500 12V model bilge pumps suitable for most operations with pumping power 500 GPH at open flow, 350 GPH at 3.3’ head and draw only 1.5-amps at open flow. 

SAHARA S750 12V/24V model bilge pumps sized for larger recreational boats with a more powerful 3/4" outlet automatic pump, 750 GPH capacity at open flow and a 3/4" hose outlet.

SAHARA S1100 12V/24V model bilge most powerful and efficient automatic pumps suitable for larger boats and yachts with 1100 GPH capacity at open flow and a 1-1/8" hose outlet.

ATTWOOD S3 Series Automatic...

ATTWOOD S3 Series Automatic Bilge Switch incorporates a proprietary Electronic Sensing technology to detect bilge water levels and trigger pump activation and has been engineered to operate in any bilge water mixture consistently without failure. Your pump won’t be exposed to continuous cycling as the S3 switch can easily distinguish splashing bilge water, chemicals, sludge build up or foam and comes equipped with fully sealed electronics that are completely protected from water or chemical damage. For added convenience, the bilge switch can be mounted on the floor of the bilge directly to a stringer wall or alongside the basket of the pump without added components or brackets. The S3 Series switches are also directly compatible with all competitive products and free of moving parts that can jam up, break or wear out over time.

They carry a 5-year warranty.

The S3 Series Automatic Bilge Switches are offered in different Amp and Voltage ratings and also as clamshell.