List of products by brand ARROW PNEUMATICS

ARROW PNEUMATICS INC. manufactures a complete line of air preparation products including filters, regulators, lubricators, desiccant products, as well as a complete line of sinter bronze filters and elements.

Active filters


ARROW PNEUMATICS offers a complete line of filters, regulators, lubricators, desiccant and sintered bronze products which provide coverage for all markets – PBE, Industrial, Automotive Aftermarket, AG, Heavy Duty, etc. Coverage includes a complete line of desiccant products and air control units, not available through all competitors.

ARROW PNEUMATICS hydraulic in-line filters provide protection for small, high pressure systems up to 3,000 PSI

Using these filters at the pressure side of a pump, foreign particles 25 microns and larger, such as those created by pump wear, are removed before damage can result to the valving in the system. A sintered bronze element ensures protection against crushing should dirt accumulate and increase pressure drop across the element. The unique construction features an anodized aluminum housing for light weight, and a conically shaped sintered bronze element positioned by a retaining spring to allow true, uninterrupted axial flow. Special viton O-rings are available for oil systems where chemical action may be a problem. The standard 25 micron bronze filter element can be easily cleaned or replaced. Nominal filtration ratings of 90, 40, or 10 microns available.

Available in different NPTF sizes.

Maximum operating pressure: 3000 PSI

Operating temperatures: 35 - 200 deg. F