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Prestolite Electric Incorporated is a global manufacturer and supplier of alternators, starters, electrical equipment, and services to the transportation, industrial, military, marine, agricultural and construction industries. The company sells its products to United States defense agencies, OEMs, and aftermarket suppliers under the Indiel, Leece-Neville, and Prestolite Electric brand names. Prestolite Products are not approved for Aviation applications.

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PRESTOLITE Hydraulic Power...

PRESTOLITE Hydraulic Power Packs offered as Overhaul/Exchange require the return of the old unit and its exchange by an overhauled one. The supplier maintains the right to check the condition of the returned unit before the exchange. The price also applies to the hydraulic power packs shipped for overhaul of the same unit and return. 

Note: PRESTOLITE Hydraulic Power Packs are not approved for aviation applications.