List of products by brand CONTINENTAL VDO

The brand VDO is now part of the business unit Commercial Vehicles & Services (CVS) of CONTINENTAL AG. 

VDO product portfolio focuses on automotive electronics and mechatronics and includes dashboards, measuring instruments, sensors and control systems for commercial vehicles, special vehicles and stationary engines. VDO products and service tools are supplied in the new Continental packaging as part of the brand transfer. 

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VDO Fuel Level Gauges have always been known for the superb fit, finish, and appearance, as well as the wide range of styles VDO offers. VDO Fuel Level 10-180 ohm Gauges  are offered in 2" and 2-1/4'" diameters with matching Fuel Level Senders  (aka sensors or probes) for their operation. This 12/24 VDC Fuel Level Sender has a resistance rating of 10 ohms when the tank is empty and 180 ohms when full. The unit can be adjusted to read accurately in tanks from 6" to 23" deep. In the case of the 2" 33-240 ohm Fuel Gauge, the appropriate fuel sender is P/N 226-007.  

VDO product range also include Standard Tubular Level sensors mounted direct into the tank with different tube diameters and lengths from 200 mm to 650 mm and different resistances. They feature:

- Resistance output

- Compatibility to the VDO gauges 301-010-00X and X10-110-981-009  (adjustable to 60 to 90 Ohm at empty).

- M4 bolt and hexagon nut or 6,3 x 0,8 mm spade terminal

- Optional ground connector

- Optional warning contact

- Mounting bolt circle 54 mm dip tube fuel senders with different tube diameters and lengths.

For additional information please consult the supplied documentation or contact us.