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FAA TSO emergency locator transmitters and aircraft parts

ACK TECHNOLOGIES INC. is a manufacturer of emergency locator transmitters  and aircraft parts under FAA TSO authorization

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ACK A-30.5 TSO'd Altitude...

The ACK A-30.5 altitude encoder adds Mode C capability to aircraft in the most cost-effective way. The ACK encoder is the smallest, lightest, highest quality encoder available today and features the latest solid-state electronics for high reliablity. Installation is quick and easy and usually is completed in less than one hour. It is compatible with most transponders in use today and reports altitude to 30,750 ft. Includes quick-release mounting try, 4-ft. color-coded wiring harness with prewired jack, static line and fittings for installation in any aircraft, and installation manual in any aircraft, and installation manual with popular transponder pin-outs. 3 year warranty.

Product Includes:

• Quick Release Mounting Tray

• 4 Foot Harness 

• 4 Foot Static Line 

• Installation Manual 

Product Features:

High Quality Construction

Gold Plated Connectors

Diecast Aluminium Chassis


Product Specifications:

Approvals: FAA TSO C-88a

German LBA 10.221/4

Range: MOD 4 –950 to 30,750 feet /w gray code Output MOD 8 –950 to 42,000 feet /w 2x RS232 Outputs

Accuracy: Typical +- 20 feet Maximum +- 50 feet

Size: L 6” W 2.65” H 1.3”

Weight: 5.1 oz (144 grams)

Operating voltage: 10 to 32 VDC

Operating current: 60 mA typical

Operating temp: -4 to +131° F -20 to +55° C

Warm-up current draw: 14VDC 420 mA 28VDC 220 mA

Warm-up time: 70° F ambient 60 seconds 0° F ambient 210 seconds

Altitude resolution: Gray code (parallel) output 100ft