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AIRPATH C2400 Series TSO'd...

AIRPATH C2400 series TSO'd magnetic compasses been specifically designed for installation either for streamline-type bracket housing or a pedestal-type housing. Wire lead length, voltage, and lighting color are specified under each respective part number. 

Each model is provided with mounting hardware, deviation card, deviation card window and either an attached cardholder, deviation plate, or standard unattached cardholder depending on the application. All compasses in the C-2400 series meet FAA TSO-C7c requirements and are offered in different versions for operations in South or North Hemisphere.

Product Specifications:

Markings: Black & White

Leads: 2ft white wire

Lighting: Red 12 VDC

Finish: Black

AIRPATH C2300 Series TSO'd...

AIRPATH C2300 Series TSO'd panel mount magnetic compasses are offered in different models and lighted or non lighted versions for operations in South or North Hemisphere. They are used in almost all production aircraft. Models: C2300, C2300-SH, C2300-L4, C2300-L4-SH. Size: 2.25".