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Aircraft flight and engine instruments

Aircraft flight and engine instruments

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The FAA TSO'd RCA26AK (14V) and 26BK (28V) series of electric attitude indicators (artificial horizons) by KELLY MFG (RC ALLEN) are known for their dependability and ruggedness. They incorporate tremendous advances in presentation, precision, and reliability.With a proven track record for dependability and ruggedness, the attractive new extended color schemes and ultra-precise spherical presentation (eliminating old parallax problems) they set a new standard for safety.These gyros provide a more accurate IFR reference for the beginning instrument pilot or a Cat II captain. A new three phase motor/inverter is designed into the gyro enabling it to operate at lower temperatures which extends to useful life. The instruments employ a new, high precision air erection system which provide erection torque for maintaining a proper vertical alignment reference. The erection air is supplied by a turbine pump which is integrally coupled with the gyro motor. Through maximum utilization of unitized construction the design is free of resonant frequencies below 100 HZ and thus cannot respond to low frequency disturbances which can cause dither and premature wear out of the unit. The display portion of the instruments has a directly coupled roll movement, and a pitch movement mechanism identical to that of the field proven vacuum gyros produced by R.C.Allen since 1966. A "pull to cage" spring type force limited mechanism assures immediate alignment and stability whenever power has been applied to the gyro, a feature non-existent on vacuum driven gyros. These artificial horizons have a hybrid inverter which converts the aircraft DC power to the required voltage and frequency for motor operation. All units have a pull cage knob and a power failure flag that drops into view whenever the supply voltage is lost or when the voltage has dropped below a level of acceptable for proper operation of the gyro. Slip indicator can be added to satisfy FAA AC91-75 upon request. Available in 14V or 28V voltage versions with fixed or movable pointer, lighted or unlighted, power failure flag, panel tilt and optional inclinometer. Mating connector MS3116E8-4S and panel screws are now included with each new instrument at no extra charge.

Dimensions: 3.38"W x 3.38"H x 8.14"L

Weight: 2.3 lbs.


The RCA 82A/83A Series TSO'd turn coordinators by KELLY MFG (RC ALLEN) can be found in many production aircraft around the world. They Incorporate an electrical gyro turn indicator with an inclinometer. The turn motion is presented by an airplane symbol banking on a fixed horizon. The inclinometer, by movement of a ball in relation to the lubber lines, indicates the slip angle of aircraft while in a turn. The airplane on the dial rotates with reference to the indices. A power failure flag drops into view whenever the supply voltage is lost or when dropped below a level acceptable for proper operation of the gyro. Operates from 11 to 30VDC. Available in lighted and unlighted versions. First installation requires electrical connector and clamp. Mating Connector: MS3106A-10SL-3S.

Product Specifications:

Meet or exceed requirements of FAA TSO C3b 

Made in the USA


Length: 6 1/5 in. Max

Width: 3 3/8 in Max

Height:3 3/8 in Max

Weight: 1.9 lbs.



Mating Connector:


Connector pin out:

A: +12 -30VDC

B: Ground

C: Spare


The RCA 22 Series of vacuum artificial horizon are controlled by air driven precision gyros to present the pilot with pitch and roll information. The attractive color scheme of blue sky and brown ground presents a realistic spherical display of flight. Unless otherwise indicated all instruments have a  "standard" display (dark blue/brown display with fixed pointer) and are unlighted.

All R.C. Allen vacuum gyros run off of 4.5" Hg, erect time is 3 min. The instrument fits in a standard 3 1/8 panel cutout. A ¼ -18 NPTF nylon tube slip fitting is recommended for vacuum hose installation. A 1/8 – 27 NPTF nylon tube slip fitting is recommended for vacuum gauge installation. 

Dimensions: H: 3-3/8", W: 3-3/8", L: 6"

Weight: 2.75 lbs.

Certification: Meet or exceed all requirements of FAA TSO C4c and Aeronautical Standard AS396B.

Made in the USA

NOTE: The RC Allen RCA22-7 Vacuum Horizon Gyro can be an alternate device for Cessna Gyro Horizon C661076-0101.


The RCA 56 Series of electric turn and bank indicators by KELLY MFG (RC ALLEN) are an all volt instrument, with a power warning flag, a black or white ball inclinometer and either lighted or non-lighted. These rate-of-turn pointer controlled instruments are powered by an electrically driven DC precision gyro with an inclinometer providing the pilot with turn and bank information.  They meet or exceed requirements of FAA TSO C3b. Made in the USA. Weight: 1.9 lbs.

Dimensions: Length: 6 1/4 in. Max, Width: 3 3/8 in. Max, Height: 3 3/8 in. Max

Mating Connector: MS3106A10SL-3S.

Connector Pin Out: A: +11-30 VDC, B: Ground, C: Spare