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Wheels, brakes and related components for sport aircraft

Manufacturer of wheels, brakes and related components specifically designed for the sport aircraft market

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MATCO MCMC 4 Series...

MATCO mfg's MCMC-4 master cylinders use a REMOTE reservoir. Available in different models. MCMC4A is 0.50 inch shorter that the MCMC-4. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally (Universal) to the reservoir and can be used in individual or dual brake applications. They measure 8.05 +-0.25 in. from end to end & 7.5 +-0.25 in. between mounting holes. Tested to a maximum of 1200 psi. Normal operation: 400-600 psi. They use a  0.625 inch diameter piston and Buna-n o-rings. Mil-H-5606 aircraft hydraulic fluid or compatible fluids are reccomended. The MC-4 has an adjustable clevis. Stroke: appr. 1.388 in. Displacement: 0.43 cubic in. Ports: 1/8 in. NPT (except the MC-4E).

MATCO PVPV Series Brake...

MATCO mfg's PVPV series parking brake valves have been designed for installation in a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft applications due to their light weight and easy in-line installation . In-line installation can be used in conjunction with either a single or dual parking brake system set- up with the respective use of valves  PVPV-S or PVPV-D available in single or double sided configuration.