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JPI EDM-930 6-Cylinder...

The EDM 930 by JPI collects and displays engine data in a useful way. This EDM monitors engine temperatures and voltages, adjusts the fuel/air mixture, and diagnoses engine malfunctions. The EDM 930 display screen is arranged into three sections. The top left is the RPM and MAP section. The bottom left is the Scanner® section. And the right side is the Bar Graphs section. 

The RPM and MAP Display shows the RPM (Revolutions per Minute) and the MAP (Manifold Pressure).

The Bar Graphs Display shows:

- Oil temperature

- Oil pressure

- Fuel pressure

- Bus voltage

- Amps load or charge/discharge

- Outside air temperature (or owner selectable )

- Fuel flow, units per hour

- Left fuel quantity (or owner selectable)

- Right fuel quantity (or owner selectable)

The Scanner Display has the exhaust gas temperature (EGT) bar graph presentation as its central part with additional Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) and TIT indications.

JPI FS 450 Fuel Scan SKU:...

JPI FS-450 Fuel Scan is a top choice low price unit for fuel management of an aircraft, offeredin different versions with single transducer available for gravity, pressure and ROTAX engines or with a Flow Scan 201 or 231 transducer and harness for pressurized carb engines.

JPI EDM-730/830 Series...

The 730/830 Engine Monitoring Systems (EDM) from JP INSTRUMENTS revolutionize engine monitoring by the compact size integration of a full color graphical LCD display with the extremely popular EDM 700/800 series functionally. Both 730 and 830 EDMs feature: colourful graphics, larger data display for easy reading, parameters in full colour, annunciation of exceedances, less page swapping, more data per page. The units are "Plug and Play" compatible with existing EDM-700/800 units. Oil pressure has also been added to the entire EDM series line.  Both 730 and 830 are FAA approved for use as secondary engine monitors. However they CANNOT BE USED as a replacement for primary gauges which have to be maintained. Different options and accessories are also available at additional cost.