Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum, and De-icing Systems & Parts

Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum, and De-icing Systems & Parts

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MONARCH D.C. Hydraulic Power Systems are offered in standard M-200, M-300 and M-3500 model series featuring a wide selection of power unit sizes and performance to satisfy most O.E.M. applications, hardcoated pump end plates for unmatched durability in demanding environments and severe duty applications and externally adjustable relief valve with lock nut. Over two million of M series pumps have been sold and used in a variety of applications, including: dump bed kits, dump trailers, auto hauler trailers, compactors, scissor lifts, security gates, lift gates, tow trucks, snow plows, hay bale spikes, handicap ramps/lifts, motorhome slideouts, custom projects, etc. Please refer to the attached documentation for specifications & additional information on offered hydraulic power systems.


CONCENTRIC HE Series AC/DC power packs allows the selection from a broad range of standard components to design a power system to meet the exact specifications of applications, both vertical and horizontal, with a full range of valving, motor, pump and reservoir combinations and minimum inventory for maximum cost efficiency. Other advantages of the HE power packs includes low power consumption, quiet operation, proven field performance and long service life. Concentric HE2000 Series AC/DC Power HPUs  can be coupled via suitable hydraulic lines to a wide range of operating mechanisms. They normally operate hydraulic cylinders, but can be used with any other hydraulic actuating device. A unit can individually control up to four (4) hydraulic cylinders.

Product Features:

All units have:

12 or 24 VDC motors

Adjustable internal relief valve preset at factory

Load holding check valve

Reservoirs plumbed for horizontal / vertical mount

Various size cylindrical/rectangular reservoirs

9/16˝-18 SAE outlet and return ports (P/N 1303835 1/4˝-18 NPTF ports)

140 x 170 mesh inlet strainer

Please refer to the attached documentation for specifications & additional information.

PRESTOLITE Hydraulic Power...

PRESTOLITE Hydraulic Power Packs offered as Overhaul/Exchange require the return of the old unit and its exchange by an overhauled one. The supplier maintains the right to check the condition of the returned unit before the exchange. The price also applies to the hydraulic power packs shipped for overhaul of the same unit and return. 

Note: PRESTOLITE Hydraulic Power Packs are not approved for aviation applications.


Hydraulic AQP elastomer hose with polyester inner braid, single wire braid reinforcement and blue polyester cover.Used in different high temperature/ high pressure fluid applications for power steering lines, hydraulics handling petroleum base fluids and air, gasoline, fuel and lubricating oils, fire resistant hydraulic fluids and other industrial fluids. Priced and sold by the foot.


AVIATIONEU NEW ERA SAE 100R Series hydraulic hoses are composed of a synthetic rubber tube, steel wire braid reinforcement and an outer rubber lining. The inner rubber tube transfers the pressure to the medium, lining protects the steel wire reinforcement from corroding while the outer rubber lining protects the steel wire from wearing. These hoses feature use of synthetic rubber with excellent oil & heat aging resistance, fatigue resistance and high weaving, winding hose length. They can be used for a wide range of industrial applications from mine hydraulic support and engineering constructions to ships, agricultural machinery, machine tools. Suitable for transfer of mineral oil, dissolvable oil,hydraulic oil,fuel and lubrication oil, water base liquids etc. They are offered in different diameters and meet different working pressure and temperature requirements.  Operating Temperatures: Oil: -40°C to +100°C, Air: -30°C to 50°C, Water Emulsion: up to +80°C.

Unit of measurement is the meter. They are sold in rolls of 50 meters each with Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 5 rolls. Appearing price is for reference only per meter. Please contact us for a quotation.

MERCURY MARINE Mercruiser...

This new MERCURY MARINE Mercruiser replacement Trim Pump replaces the older P/N 14336A17 trim pump. Used on MERCURY MARINE Mercruiser Alpha One, Alpha Gen II and Bravo Drive applications. Matched to the larger new style trim cylinders.

AN5771-4A Style 2-1/4"...

AN5771-4A style 2-1/4 inch hydraulic pressure gauge with steel case connecting directly to the aircraft's hydraulic system. Fits in a 2-1/4" dia. panel opening and has a threaded 1/4"  connection for a fitting. Range: 0-2000 PSI. Only available in Overhauled Condition. Certified with fresh Matte-white dial. Yellow-tagged. Limited availability.

For new design projects and applications please refer to the presentations of alternative TSO'd and non TSO'd electronic hydraulic pressure gauges and pressure senders offered. 

Pressure Transducers (Senders) whenever required, ARE NOT INCLUDED in the prices of hydraulic pressure gauges. They are sold separately.

Note: A yellow tag is similar to a FAA 8130-3 Serviceable tag both denoting the "Serviceable" condition of the product i.e. it has been  repaired as needed, tested according to the manufacturer's procedure, meet the manufacturer's performance specifications and ready to return to service. Yellow tags are issued and widely accepted in North America while a FAA 8130-3 Serviceable tag is is accepted worldwide. The acceptance of yellow tags by national Civil Aviation Authorities should be checked by potential buyers prior to ordering.

RAPCO Vacuum Regulator...

Rapco FAA-PMA approved RA-B3-5-1 Garter Filter Element. Polyurethane foam, 1” long X 1-3/4” diameter. Filter replacement for use on Airborne 133 & 2H3 series regulators and 1J1 series filter assemblies. Recommended replacement: 100 hours / 1 year.

UMA Electronic Hydraulic...

UMA Electronic Hydraulic Pressure Gauges are offered in TSO'd and Non TSO'd models and 1-1/4"  or 2-1/4" diameters to fit respective aircraft panel openings. They are housed in aluminium or Valox 420 plastic cases (depending on the model) and connect to  precision, high pressure transducers which mount directly to the aircraft's hydraulic system. Standard markings are black and white. Recommended for new design projects and applications. 

Note: Pressure Transducers (Senders) ARE NOT INCLUDED in the prices of the pressure gauges. They are sold separately and are not TSO'd.