Miscellaneous Components, Parts & Accessories

Miscellaneous Components, Parts & Accessories

Active filters

RAY ALLEN (RAC) G3 Series...

The RAY ALLEN (RAC) G3 Series Stick Grips includes four different models: G301, G303, G305 and G307. All feature:

four individual SPDT momentary contact switches to control one or two axis electric trim. The switches are triggered via a traditonal 4-way "hat" type activator. The four trim switches can be wired directly to Ray Allen servos.

high quality switches with 15 amp Honeywell microswitches for superior tactile characteristics. 

slotted one or two axis faceplates. A black faceplate is included. Gray and tan faceplates are also available. 

the hand grip has a textured finish and it is made from a very strong BASF composite with excellent UV resistance.  

The G3 grips are 6.5” (165 mm) tall. 

They feature a momentary contact, SPDT Push-To-Talk (PTT) switch located on the front side of the grip. 

They are designed to fit any stick size up to 1 1/8” in diameter. Three spacers are included enabling easy installation on 3/4”, 7/8” and 1” sticks.

Pre-cut and stripped 26 gage teflon insulated 19 strand wire included. 

A die-cut label sheet with 50 different lexan coated labels is included.

FLUITEK Industrial...

FLUITEK CORPORATION manufactures a wide range of industrial filter elements (filters) intended for use as replacements to respective OEM products. FLUITEK products are made to meet or exceed OEM specifications. For additional information on FLUITEK prodict portfolio please consult the Product Description Section or contact us.

Switches for Piper Aircraft...

Switches for different functions, inteneded for use in Piper aircraft. Information on their applicability to different Piper aircraft models and serial numbers is included. For additional information and/or non listed switches please contact us.

Aircraft Static Pressure...

Static ports are located on the side of an aircraft and function as small air inlets. Their purpose is to measure static air pressure, also known as barometric pressure. The pressure within the static port is collected and then utilized by the altimeter and the vertical speed indicator (VSI). Different static ports are offered, both certified and non certified (the latter with an intended use in homebuilt/experimental aircraft).

Several offered non certified static ports are briefly described below. For certified static ports plese refer to their separate product presentations.

Aluminum Cessna Type

Aluminum single engine Cessna type static port. Externally mounted through a 19/64” hole. Can be used on fabric, composite or aluminum. No need for rivets. 1-3/8” dia.x1” depth.

Aluminum 15160

Aluminum static port for external mounting through 1/4" diameter hole in side of the fuselage. Base has 1/8" NPT female port for connecting to static line (polyethylene fitting included). Installation with 3/32" diameter flush rivets.

Aluminum 15161

Aluminum static port for external mounting through 1/4" diameter hole in side of the fuselage. Base has 1/8" NPT female port for connecting to static line. Installation with 3/32" diameter flush rivets.

Aluminum 15176

Aluminum static port externally mounted in a 1-1/4" base OD outside of the fuselage through 5/16" ID hole. Installation with 4 countersunk 3/32" rivets to skin with pal nuts & lock washers on inside.


AeroControlex ST300-2PT 28V electric heated static port is FAA/PMA approved for use on Embraer ERJ145, Tucano GA Predator, Pilatus PC-9, Shorts SD330, SD360, Rockwell Commander, Bandierante and Westwind aircraft.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 7.38 x 6.38 x 5.32 in.

Weight: .88 lb


DONALDSON is a leading world-wide filter supplier for commercial jets, military vehicles, off-road equipment, trucks, light-duty vehicles, power plants, dust collectors, industrial compressors and more.The company is the OEM for  FAA-PMA air filters installed in Cessna (all SE piston models), Piper (turbo charged aircraft), Beechcraft,  Maule & Mooney aircraft delivering consistent and reliable performance.

Product Features:

Selection: Over 75 filter models for Cessna, Beech, Maule, Mooney, Piper and other aircraft.

Easy Installation & Maintainance: No removable parts or oil, may be washed with water.

Better Airflow:  In laboratory airflow tests comparing Donaldson, Bracket and Challenger Aviation (K&N) filters for Cessna 172 aircraft, Donaldson had the lowest restriction (best airflow). The reasons for this include:

• Filter media is composed of synthetic fibers

• Evenly distributed uniform size and shape media fibers

• More media area and less frame

• Deeper filter pleats

• No oil

Stop more dirt and protect the engine better: They achieve 98.5% or greater filtration efficiency according to ISO5011 fine and coarse dust requirements, greatly exceeding the other filters. 

Long Lasting: rated to last 500 hours, five to 10 times longer than foam filters. Replacement after three years, five cleanings or 500 flight hours, whichever occurs first.

OEM and FAA-PMA Certified: Designed to manufacturer specifications, Donaldson filters don not require STCs .

Thoroughly Tested: Third party lab tests show Donaldson filters meet or exceed FAA fire safety regulation per FAR 25.853 and FAR 23.1107 Induction system filters.

Please refer to the attached documentation on the application of DONALDSON filters in different aircraft/models.


CHALLENGER AVIATION PRODUCTS, Inc. manufactures high quality oil-impregnated, surgical cotton gauze-based aircraft air filters under FAA/PMA certification using K & N filter media. K&N Performance Filters have been well known in the automotive world for years, unsurpassed in airflow and filtering capability they are now one of the most used filters on the road today. Made of a woven cotton fabric instead of paper, the K&N filter medium offers superior filtering without the restriction of airflow presented with paper or foam filters. Fabric allows 50% more air to pass than paper, and almost 60% more than foam. This translates into more horsepower and improved fuel economy.

Based on K&N technology CHALENGER filters have been certified for most general aviation aircraft. Their pleated cotton/wire mesh filters are far less prone to being clogged than synthetic media or paper, and tests done by Challenger (at approximately 240 CFM air flow) show K&N filters typically flow 6.03 CFM as compared to 4.95 for the average pleated paper element and 4.93 CFM for the oil-coated foam variety.

CHALLENGER air filters can be used as replacement parts to other OEM products but an STC (available by CHALLENGER) is required. Air filters come with an application chart, instructions, warranty card and a STC request form which needs to be  filled out for approval for the specific aircraft. The filters comes with a gasket, but do not include the grease which is sold separately, unless otherwise stated.

Product Features:

Can be washed & serviced up to 25 times

Increase horse power 2-4%

Fire Retardant

Save money & improve efficiency

FAA-PMA approved

Ecologically sound

Better take-off and climb-out performance

Faster airspeed and/or better fuel consumption

Accordion fold design provides up to 5 times filtering surface of non-pleated designs

Please refer to the attached documentation on the application of CHALLENGER filters in different aircraft/models.


McFARLANE® AVIATION manufactures FAA PMA approved fuel quantity transmitters which can be used as direct replacements for originally installed Stewart Warner type fuel quantity transmitters. Use of McFARLANE® AVIATION transmitters eliminates the need for expensive transmitter conversion kits that require replacement of fuel gauges and wiring. They are engineered to be compatible with the original fuel quantity gauge and wiring which uses time proven technology and reliability. Major benefits include higher accurancy, durability, long service life but also significant cost savings as no modifications are required.

McFARLANE® AVIATION fuel quantity transmitters can be sold individually or in kits including the transmitter, gasket(s), and screw/seal assemblies as applicable.

Please consult the supplied documentation for additional information.

ACS 15144 'L' Shaped...

ACS Model 15144 'L' shaped, aluminium pitot heads are simple, inexpensive, good-quality suitable for homebuilts. They are available either as pitot only or pitot static. Both have flange mounting to aid underwing fitting.

FALCON AN5812 Series Pitot...

Pitot tubes scan the static and dynamic pressure, and they are used on aircraft to determine the aircraft airspeed. FALCON Non TSO'd (non-certified) pitot tubes have been used for many years on different types of experimental or other aircraft where no certification is required. Available in different heated and unheated versions for 12 or 24 V electical supplies, for vertical or flat installations. Standard (3/4") and long (4") mounting brackets are offered. Heated Material: Stainless Steel. Please consult the supplied documentation or contact us for further information.