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ACS US made all-metal gascolators are offered in two models:

10580 Homebuilders gascolator for use with aviation fuel and standard auto fuel with S.S. screen, 1-7/8" dia. cadmium plated steel bowl w/quick drain,

10585HP High Pressure gascolator with lighter weight and simpler design. Threaded collar, anodized for corrosion protection, secures the cadmium plated bowl to top. Tested to 50lbs.

Mount bracket suitable for  gascolators with either metal or glass bowl and replacement parts are also available.

RAY ALLEN (RAC) G3 Series...

The RAY ALLEN (RAC) G3 Series Stick Grips includes four different models: G301, G303, G305 and G307. All feature:

four individual SPDT momentary contact switches to control one or two axis electric trim. The switches are triggered via a traditonal 4-way "hat" type activator. The four trim switches can be wired directly to Ray Allen servos.

high quality switches with 15 amp Honeywell microswitches for superior tactile characteristics. 

slotted one or two axis faceplates. A black faceplate is included. Gray and tan faceplates are also available. 

the hand grip has a textured finish and it is made from a very strong BASF composite with excellent UV resistance.  

The G3 grips are 6.5” (165 mm) tall. 

They feature a momentary contact, SPDT Push-To-Talk (PTT) switch located on the front side of the grip. 

They are designed to fit any stick size up to 1 1/8” in diameter. Three spacers are included enabling easy installation on 3/4”, 7/8” and 1” sticks.

Pre-cut and stripped 26 gage teflon insulated 19 strand wire included. 

A die-cut label sheet with 50 different lexan coated labels is included.

FLUITEK Tank Desiccant...

FLUITEK manufactures a wide range of filters which are intended for use as replacements for respective OEM products. FLUITEK products are made to meet or exceed OEM specifications. For additional information please contact us.