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Communication, Navigation & Safety Devices

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The BK KY 196A/197A series of TSO'd VHF COMM transceivers have a flatpack design, measure 1.3" x 6.3", weight just 2.8 pounds and have the same capabilities except that the 28-volt KY 196A delivers 16 watts and the 14-volt KY 197A 10 watts minimum transmit output power. Both incorporate solid-state construction and feature 9 pilot-programmable memory channels (11 including those in "USE" and "STBY"), flip-flop frequency transfer between active and standby frequencies, a 118.00MHz to 136.975MHz operating range and a digital frequency synthesizer generating 760 COMM frequencies. Despite their wide range of capabilities, KY 196A/197A radios were designed to be easy to read and logical to operate. An audio leveling feature automatically amplifies weak audio signals and mutes strong signals. 

AMERI KING AK-920F Series...

The Ameri-king AK-920F is a FAA TSOd approved GPS/Avionics fan, compact sized, delivers up to 26.6 CFM cubic feet per minute of forced air cooling to a variety of avionics equipment. It features ball bearing for highest reliability and long lasting. The AK-950F fan may be behind or beneath aircraft instrument panel or avionics equipment rack or cabin pressure bulkhead.

Product Features:

Power reverse polarity protection

Compact size

Choice of 1, 2, 3, or 5 hose outputs

Universal mounting

Hoses-Connector kit and hardware (included)

4-year extended warranty

Power: 14 or 28 VDC


Panel mounted VFR GPS receiver with moving map (Serviceable Condition). Limited Availability. (DISCONTINUED Item- NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN NEW CONDITION).


BENDIX KING KX 155A and KX 165A update the concept of the combined navigation and communications radio for the 21st century. With such features as programmable comm channels, support for 8.33 kHz Comm tuning (KX 165A only), GPS QuickTune, multiple operating modes, remote channel increment with flip-flop tuning and a built-in timer, the KX 155A and KX 165A match a sophisticated appearance with advanced capabilities.

The Bendix King KX-155, KX-155A and KX-165 NAV/COMMs are discontinued. They have been replaced by KX-165A NAV/COMM and they are no longer available in NEW condition apart from existing stocks. Limited Availability. They have been replaced by the Silver Crown Plus KX 165A-02 NAV/COMM, a slide in 8.33 kHz replacement for the KX 155A and KX 165A-01 NAV/COMMs (25 kHz).


For certification as "OVERHAULED", the item must be maintained in accordance of a specified “Overhaul Procedure” in the maintenance manual of the manufacturer. For “SERVICEABLE” certification, if the item does not show any problems and/or need for repair, is is usually not disassembled but only aligned to meet manufacturer's specifications. Certification:  FAA 8130-3 Form.