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Fire fighting, safety and environmental protection equipment and materials.

Fire Fighting, Safety & Environmental Protection Supplies

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AVIATIONEU NEW ERA product line of fire extinguishers includes both portable (with a total mass of 5-20 kg) and mobile extinguishers of over 35 kg, moved by a trolley. They come in different sizes and types including:

- Powder multi-purpose fire extinguishers suitable for A, B and C fire classes,

- Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers (CO2), one of the cleanest types of extinguishers,mainly intended for use on class B fires,

- Water mist extinguishers for use on classes A, B and C fires as well as K (cooking) fires,

- Wet Chemical extinguishers mostly used on  class K fires.

- Foam fire extinguishers suitable for class A and the flammable liquids of class B, though not effective for gaseous fires. 

- Clean Agent fire extinguishers which are gaseous fire suppression type. The gas in the extinguisher (often a BCF, such as Halon 1211/Freon 12B1) is stored in liquid form but  converts to gas form when released in the air. Halon 1211/1301 extinguishers  are widely used in Aviaton.

Product Features:

-competitively priced,

-simplicity in operation and maintenance,

-fast actuation and convenience in work,

-environmental friendly (depending on extinguisher type)

-long service life (up to 10 years depending on extinguisher type)

H3R Aircraft Fire...

Aviation Fire Extinguishers by H3R Aviation, Inc. include Halon, Halotron 1, Halotron BrX and wheeled  fire extinguishers. They are considered Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) with respective packaging & certification requirements.

H3R RT Series Liquefied Gas Portable Extinguishers are popular general aviation fire extinguishers, and standard equipment on many light aircraft due to their light weight,  low maintenance and a 12 year shelf life. They contain a unique blend of liquefied gas 1211/1301, two highly effective fire fighting agents. These units are self expelling which means that the pressure remains constant even when the extinguishers are almost empty. They are available in different models with respective charge weights in lbs.

H3R A344T Halon 1211 Aircraft Fire Extinguisher is the company's smallest fire extinguisher with a gauge, similar in size but heavier than the Halon blend model RT A600. Recommended for a 1-4 person aircraft, including the pilot.  

H3R C352TS and C354TS models of Halon 1211 fire extinguishers can be used for cockpit/cabin and is found on a wide variety of commercial and general aviation aircraft, from Boeings to Cessnas. C352TS fire extinguisher is of same size tand uses the same mounting bracket with C354TS model except that the C354TS  fire extinguisher carries twenty percent more Halon 1211 than C352TS.

H3R  Halotron 1 series of fire extinguishers use Halotron® 1 the most widely tested and accepted Halon 1211-alternative agent for streaming applications. Just like Halon 1211, Halotron® 1 expels as a rapidly evaporating liquid and leaves no residue.

H3R Halotron BrX series of fire extinguishers use Halotron BrX clean agent making them ideal options for those seeking to replace Halon 1211 fire extinguishers due to regulatory or environmental considerations. Halotron BrX is a UL, ISO, EN, EASA and FAA compliant Halon 1211 alternative. A low GWP and very low ODP allowed Halotron BrX to be approved for use on commercial aircraft. 

For more information on H3R fire extinguishers please consult the Product Description section. 

TEKNOFIBRA® Thermal...

TEKNOFIBRA® is a leading manufacturer of aircraft firewall, exhaust, electrical, fuel system heat and sound absorbing materials. TEKNOFIBRA® product range includes Heat Reflecting Panels, Sleeves, Contacts and Aluminum Adhesive Tapes. The impressive heat-reflecting and insulating characteristics of Teknofibra® products ensure resistance and protection, even at extreme temperatures. Their lightness (lighter in weight than competition) makes them the perfect insulation for aeronautical uses. The organic composition of Teknofibra® non-woven fabric guarantees maximum safety and non-toxicity in every situation. In the event of a fire, no harmful emissions are produced, preserving total safety. Sound absorbing Teknofibra® panels dramatically reduce excessive noise that can distract and compromise results. TEKNOFIBRA® products are widely used in the Aviation, Car Racing and Motorcycling fields.