Eastern Aircraft Components & Parts

Components & parts for Eastern civil aircraft such as those manufactured in Russia, China or other eastern countries. As a general rule, sale of these parts require prior review and approval of end user and intended application information. For Russian parts certain trade restrictions (sanctions) apply as adopted and updated from time to time by the US, EU and national authorities.

As part of EU economic sanctions, a number of import and export restrictions apply affecting sale and export of certain products by European entities to Russia (export restrictions) or respective sale and export by Russian entities  to the EU (import restrictions).

The list of sanctioned products which cannot be exported to Russia currently includes among others: aviation and space industry goods and technology (e.g. aircraft, aircraft engines, spare parts or any kind of equipment for planes and helicopters, jet fuel), maritime navigation goods and radio communication technology, cutting-edge technology products (e.g. quantum computers and advanced semiconductors, electronic components and software),  energy industry equipment, technology and services and a number of dual-use goods (goods that could be used for both civil and military purposes), such as drones and software for drones or encryption devices.

For Dual-Use goods and advance technology, whether originating in the EU or not, prohibition on the sale, supply, transfer or export applies to any person or entity in Russia. Exceptions apply for the case where such goods are used for non-military use, subject to a registration in the customs declaration as well as a declaration to the competent authorities of the first use.

In the case of defence and security sector products such as semiconductors, cutting-edge technologies and other goods, whether originating in the EU or not, the restrictions are similar to trade restrictions applied on dual-use goods with exceptions for non-military uses. 

The list of sanctioned products which cannot be imported from Russia includes among others: crude oil and refined petroleum products, with limited exceptions, steel, steel products and iron, cement, asphalt, wood, paper, synthetic rubber and plastics.

For additional information please consult the EU Web site on Sanctions against Russia or contact us.

Eastern Aircraft Components & Parts

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MIL HELICOPTER Components &...

Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant (Russian: Московский вертолётный завод им. М.Л. Миля) is a subsidiary of RUSSIAN HELICOPTERS JSC designing and manufacturing helicopters with particular expertise in heavy-lift helicopters. The company has developed both civil and military versions in a wide range of payload capacities, including the world's largest in serial production, the Mi-26. Mil participates in the Euromil joint venture with Eurocopter.

Components and spare parts are offered for Mil helicopters including but not limited to those listed below:

Mil Mi-6, Heavy transport helicopter

Mil Mi-8, Multi-purpose helicopter mostly used for transport missions

Mil Mi-17, a medium twin turbine transport helicopter (also known as Mi-8M)


Aircraft brakes are critical components for commercial aircraft and their proper function is vital during takeoff, landing and taxiing. Along with landing gear, aircraft wheels and brakes are critical to ensure safe and reliable aircraft ground operations under extreme forces, stress, as well as wear and tear from general operation and the environment. Aircraft brakes are arranged in multiple disk pairs, which are commonly referred to as Brake Heat Sink. They are also referred to as Heat Packs due to their capacity convert the kinetic energy of the moving aircraft into heat energy.

Conventional steel or powder metallurgy brakes are also still used bu they are gradually replaced by carbon brakes (particularly on larger, long-haul commercial airplanes) due to their higher efficiency in braking applications, longer life-span, lower weight and resulting less fuel consumption and lower CO2 emission by the engines. 

In co-operation with quality manufacturers, steel and carbon heat packs are offered as part of our own labelled (AVIATIONEU NEW ERA) product lines. These heat packs are PMA approved (*) by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for use on an extensive list of Western and Eastern commercial (civil ) aircraft platforms including Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas, Ilyushin and others. They are offered in an extensive product range and consist cost effective alternatives equalling or exceeding standards of the respective OEM products while featuring high quality, safety, improved design, significant cost savings and fast deliveries.

Steel Brake Disks and Parts

Boeing: B737-200/300/400/500, B737-300/400/500, B737-600/700/800, B737-700/800/900/BBJ, B757-200, B767-200

McDonnell Douglas: MD82

Ilyushin: IL86

Carbon Brake Disks and Parts 

Airbus: A318/A319/A320, A321, A330

Boeing: B737-700/800/900/BBJ

McDonnell Douglas: MD90

These aircraft brakes have been installed in aircraft operating by different air transport operators in China and other countries in the Middle-East, South and Central Asia and Africa.

For additional information please contact us.

(*)  Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) is a combined design and production approval granted by a competent Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to a manufacturer of aircraft parts for modification and replacement.

NII KP (ELT(AP) Emergency...

Automatic portable radio beacons (ELT(AP) АРМ-406П (ARM-406P), АРМ-406П1 (ARM-406P1) and АРМ-406АС1 (ARM-406AC1) are safety devices designed to transmit via satellite to the stations COSPAS-SARSAT distress radio signals with aircraft coordinates received from the onboard computer system.Such information facilitie identification of the aircraft and guidance of S&R facilities to the accident site. Located in the aircraft cabin these devices offer the possibility of quick use in an emergency.

The automatic portable radio beacon АРМ-406П1 (APM-406P1) includes:

- monoblock P, consisting of a double protective casing with shock absorbers installed in it, an overload sensor (DP) and an AC1A monoblock;

- remote control PDU-406 (ПДУ-406) installed in the cockpit;

- external antenna ANT-406VA (АНТ-406ВА), mounted on the aircraft body.

The АС1А monoblock is  a portable radio beacon, including a PM-AC1A (ПМ-АС1А) transmitting module, an АРМ-043-01 autonomous power supply unit and an ANT-APM-01 (АНТ-АРМ-01) antenna. The emergency mode of operation of the AC1A monoblock can be switched on both from the remote control and from the DP, as well as manually when removing it from the protective casing when leaving the emergency aircraft.

Autonomous power supply (APS) units are also offered for use with the radio beacons. АРМ-043 (CDKT.436140.590) 14.4V are intended for use for beacons manufactured before 2013 while АРМ-043-01 (CDKT.436140.590-01) 10.8V for beacons manufactured after 2013. Unless otherwise specified their replacement frequency is once every 3 years with a 3-year self life.

For additional information please refer to the supplied documentation or contact us.