Aircraft propeller systems and parts for regional airlines, corporate and generall aviation.


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McCauley Propeller Systems is an aircraft propeller manufacturer, part of Textron Aviation Cessna. The company designs and manufactures an extensive range of fixed pitch, constant speed and full feathering propellers and related parts serving the needs of the regional airline, corporate and general aviation markets. McCauley propellers are standard equipment on aircraft worldwide such as: British Aerospace, Cessna, Commander, Fairchild, Maule, Mooney, Piper, Raytheon and others, as well as aircraft kit manufacturers.

McCauley  offers a full line of aluminum fixed pitch propellers for single - engine aircraft providing maximum performance -and minimum operating costs.

McCauley  constant speed and full-feathering series propellers feature McCauley's unique one-piece, oil-filled hub with threadless blade retention resulting in greater dependability, coupled with low cost and high performance.

In addition McCauley Propeller Systems offers a range of related parts such as spinners, governors and control systems and de-icing systems. McCauley spinners, available in natural and polished aluminum, enhance aircraft attractiveness while reducing drag by streamlining airflow resulting in improved engine cooling and ram-air induction.  McCauley governors deliver precision control - in any flight condition. By hydraulically adjusting the blade angles, governors monitor and control engine speed providing quick response and greater RPM stability. In addition to governors, McCauley provides other innovative control systems including synchronizers, synchrophasers and accumulators. Finally, the company's electric de-ice systems are effective, efficient systems that come with slip-rings, brush-block assemblies, wire harnesses, boots and timers. Fluid anti-ice systems are also available meeting high standards of quality and performance.

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